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How to Stop Playing PUBG

Getting too hooked on shooting people virtually and wondering where the hours are going? Well, perhaps it’s time to stop playing PUBG. But how?

Quitting a game that lets you channel your inner anger and blast the heads of virtual people is hard. But it’s time to put the phone down and stop playing PUBG. For that, you need to take a few simple steps to set yourself a routine where there is space for a social life and fun hobbies!

Do you know that PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds? Yeah, you’re a PUBG addict, alright! After investing many precious hours into this shooting game, you have finally come to realize that it’s time to return to the real world. So how to stop playing PUBG? By recognizing the problem and choosing a disciplined life!

Are you Addicted to PUBG?

Anywhere you go, shopping mall, wedding, or office canteen, you’ll find someone screaming into their phone and moving their fingers vigorously on the screen. If you haven’t seen this person, you probably ARE that person. True story! PUBG has become addictive – and a real problem.

Whether it’s cigarettes or a game like PUBG, every addiction starts the same way; you see others doing it and decide to try it “just this once” just for fun. Then you keep playing now and then, thinking that it’s under control and can stop any time you want – until you realize that you can’t!

You see, video game addiction is as real as any other addiction. You’ll be shocked to know that about 10% of gamers suffer from it. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has recognized gaming disorder as a mental health illness. Sounds scary, right? So, are you addicted to PUBG?

There are a few tell-tale signs that you are either addicted to PUBG or getting there –

  1. Loss of Control – You are incapable of controlling your urge to play PUBG, limiting your playtime, or stopping the gameplay.
  2. Lack of Interests Outside PUBG – Your life has started to revolve around PUBG, and you have lost interest in social life and hobbies.
  3. Negative Impact – Playing PUBG has started to negatively affect your work, grades, relationships, health, and personal hygiene.

There are other warning signs of PUBG addiction, too, like being deceitful just to play the game, escaping into the PUBG world, losing concentration without playing, or experiencing withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, hallucinations, fatigue, etc., upon quitting the game.

Are you still playing PUBG despite all of this? Then you, dear friend, have a problem. Maybe your situation has not yet gotten this bad; but if you keep hearing a little voice at the back of your head, luring you to pick up the phone, you’re not too far from becoming a PUBG zombie.

How to Avoid Playing PUBG

Here’s what you can do to avoid playing PUBG – and eventually learn to stop:

  1. Specify the Time of Playing.

If you try to stop playing PUBG in one day, you’ll get drawn to the game even more. You’ll have to phase it out of your life. Instead, limit your time. Set a specific time for playing PUBG, and it’s best to keep it at the end of your hectic schedule to refresh your mind. Eventually, reduce the game time.

  1. Set a Routine for Other Activities.

It’s not enough to specify your time for playing PUBG. As PUBG has already disrupted your life and affected other activities, you need to get your life back on track, too. So, ensure that at least for a few days, you do everything on time and follow a routine for all the other essential activities in your life.

  1. Indulge in Hobbies.

Before PUBG came into your life, you must have enjoyed other activities to keep you happy. Enjoying sports, reading books, watching movies, playing instruments, knitting, painting – there’s a lot to do that can relax your mind. You don’t need to escape into a violent world of shooting virtual people.

  1. Take Up Healthy Habits.

There’s a reason gaming geeks struggle with obesity. They have no time to go out, exercise, and eat right. It’s time to add healthy habits to your life. Set some time to exercise, take a brisk walk, and practice yoga at home. Eat home-cooked food, along with fruits and veggies, and drink water.

  1. Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene.

When you dedicate more time to personal hygiene and grooming, you pay attention to yourself. It is true that mental health conditions often affect a person’s hygienic habits. So, take regular baths, put on clean clothes, change bedsheets, clean the room, and more. It will help you feel more organized.

  1. Don’t Restart Playing After Losing.

If you lose a game while playing, the urge to restart playing is undeniable. But it’s a game, and you need to realize that when you’re playing with 99 players, you’re bound to lose sometimes, and it’s not the end of the world. So play gracefully and don’t get sucked into playing every time you lose.

  1. Stop Watching PUBG Videos.

If there’s anything that comes after playing PUBG, it’s watching PUBG videos. How often have you logged out of the game and gone straight to YouTube to watch them? Well, it’s time to stop watching the videos that again lure you towards PUBG. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from the gaming channels.

  1. Don’t Let Others Talk You Into Playing.

Anyone trying to quit an addiction will always come across a friend who will tell them that indulging in the activity just once won’t hurt. Similarly, a well-meaning friend who believes in your will-power will tell you that playing one extra game won’t hurt. Don’t listen to them. Stick to your routine.

  1. Meet People.

You cannot deny that PUBG has affected your social life. So it’s time to make an effort and devote time to reviving your social life in place of playing. Go out and meet friends and relatives. You can also try making new friends. Join online and offline platforms and clubs and find like-minded people.   

  1. Find Help.

If you think quitting PUBG is becoming difficult all by yourself, don’t feel embarrassed to find professional help from an expert. You’ll also find many support groups online where you will find the solidarity you need from others who are also trying to quit the game. You can start your own group.

When you play PUBG, nothing else seems to matter. You forget all your worries. But besides your stress, you also forget all about your responsibilities, work, relationships, etc. So, indulge in other wholesome activities and habits that will distract you from PUBG and improve your life.

What Kinds of Problems Can PUBG Addiction Cause?

Now you know how to take the right steps to quit PUBG. At this point, you must be wondering if it’s really necessary to quit PUBG. The truth is, being hooked on PUBG not only kills your time but also affects your health, social life, work, behavior, sleep, and more. Here’s how it can harm you –

  1. a) It kills time and disrupts your life. You keep delaying work until there’s no time left for any of it.
  2. b) It increases your chances of obesity, eyesight issues, joint and muscle problems, headaches, etc.
  3. c) It triggers aggressive and violent emotions, causing behavioral problems and mental health issues.
  4. d) It prevents you from being socially active. This kind of isolation can affect your mental health.
  5. e) It affects your sleep pattern as you spend hours in front of the bright screen playing the game.
  6. f) It can hugely impact your performance, whether you’re a working professional or a student.

Several studies across the world show how PUBG players gradually lose out on a lot of good stuff in their lives. So, don’t ignore your gut when it tells you to quit. In fact, even if you don’t feel like quitting, don’t ignore the warnings from your loved ones when they ask you to stop playing PUBG.

Why do people get hooked on PUBG

PUBG is not the first shooting game to be made, but it is definitely the first one to get such massive popularity. Originally introduced as a PC game, PUBG allows the participants to compete with other players who are also on the same virtual battle site. Each site has its own map and features.

Once a gamer becomes a character in the game, they know that the other characters are also real people. They, too, must be sitting with a phone in their hand somewhere in an office, in a boring picnic, or on the throne in the bathroom. This is definitely an exciting factor.

It’s a versatile game with many features, map areas, and game formats. It gives you the chance to get connected to your homies, anytime. But have you been spending too much time playing PUBG? Sure, it’s fun, but it also steals all the time you could spend pursuing other hobbies.

Final Words

PUBG isn’t the first multiplayer shooting game. Then why is it so popular? Well, it’s a game where you can join your friends. You can play and have real-time voice-chats with them. If you have trouble connecting with others in person, this game is an excellent way to get some human touch.

You can whip out your phone and start playing – anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget the game’s stunning audio-visual features. But hours of virtual joy are robbing you of many good things, leaving you with violent thoughts and health problems. So, it’s time to stop playing PUBG!

So what if PUBG is addictive, and you are really into it? You can still quit playing. Do you know how? Because you are here, looking for a way to stop. It means that you have recognized your PUBG problem – and that’s half the battle won. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.


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