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Web Design Trends 2021

Web designing skills have been in trend lately because many eCommerce businesses are looking for UI/UX designer for their online business.

When it came to web designing, we kept an eye out for the web’s ongoing trends. After talking to various renowned web designers in the market, we have brought you a comprehensive list of web design trends blooming in 2021. We hope that this motivates you to learn web designing professionally and makes you approach the web more inclusively than before.

  1. Retro Fonts

Often we have seen a lot of old things become trendy again.

Retro fonts are one of such entities in the industry for a long time, once forgotten, but again came back into the popularity with its variety of designs featuring vintage typography.

Retro fonts are all about stylization and artistry. The merging of new and old designs has been seen on Spotify’s Carnival promotion.

Instead of being stale and cliché, Retro fonts has been able to bring new life into the web designing industry with its traditional bold fonts with a bit of customization from the developer’s end. This is an excellent example of implementing standard fonts in a cool and modern spin while maintaining its legibility.

Since this is just the starting of 2021, we are looking forward to seeing more creative typographic reimaging, which will cause a significant impact on the whole industry of web designing.

  1. Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax Scroll has been in trend for a while now, and in 2021 we can expect to see more subtle and creative explorations while using Parallax for various projects.

However, some guidelines need to be followed appropriately before implementing Parallax into your web designing project.

  • Do not allow the effects of Parallax to distract you from the vital information.
  • Do not make it hard for the user to complete an ongoing task.
  • Ensure to keep the number of effects minimum while using Parallax
  • Keep Parallax effects within a small screen area.
  • Ensure to keep the availability of an option to turn off Parallax effects

Every Parallax animation doesn’t need to make grand gestures across screens. It can be used to create a gentle text just enough so that each block of the text appears on the screen.

We are excited to see what Parallax can do this year, not for its flashy effects but as a tool for emphasizing the critical bits of content.

  1. Horizontal scrolling

Previously considered a “not so suitable” web design application, horizontal scrolling faces a major comeback this year.

There are various pages where we have already seen the use of horizontal scroll. Those who still use it are the best in implementing it to their web pages and doesn’t cause any disruption to their webpage’s outflow but indeed serves as a practical way to disclose secondary information progressively.

Before using horizontal scroll in 2021, developers need to keep the following points in mind;

  • Do not force users to go through the horizontal content in your page. It would be best to keep alternate ways to navigate, such as arrow button with clear labels. This will provide efficiency to the user, and they would stay on your webpage for a long time.
  • Ensure to use proper visual cues where horizontal scroll has been used. Do not attempt to hide these cues being hover.
  • Ensure to use appropriate content that would be benefitted in a horizontal scroll. For example, a photo gallery could use a horizontal scroll to the users that will allow a small preview to view more and keep moving down the page.
  • Do not use the horizontal scroll on a text that requires reading.
  1. 3D visuals

Since the advancement of technology with regards to higher resolution screens, 3D designs have come a long way. The usage of high-quality 3D visuals is implemented into web designs effectively without any flashy distractions. These 3D designs are adding more value to the overall user experience.

There is a greater sense of harmony among the design elements once 3D visuals are implemented, thus creating an even bigger impression in the industry.

With the implementation of full three-dimensional shapes, drop shadows, gradients and layered elements, 3D designs indeed brings life in any web designs.

  1. Multimedia

With the increase in internet speeds worldwide, people are looking forward to multimedia web experiences to bring together visual, texts, video, and audio to provide a wholly unique and rich user experience.

Keep in mind the following points before you implement multimedia experiences to your web design:

  • Keep everything simple! Combing too much motion and audio can lead to distraction to people suffering from cognitive disorders.
  • Use different media formats thoroughly to maximize the accessibility of the content.
  • For pre-recorded multimedia, use closed captioning and transcripts.
  • Use alt text for images, and implement complex images with long descriptive texts.
  • Ensure that all the texts that you use are made with HTML rather than any other rendered images.
  • Do not apply the auto-playing of video content. Instead, you can opt-in to using a “play” button which the user can use according to their convenience. This will provide the user with proper freedom to play or pause content as and when required.

Wrapping it up!

It is always exciting to see the future of web design and how they continually impact the web designs of 2021.

We hope that by using the above-mentioned web design trends, you can now fully enjoy this year, creating the latest webpages according to your convenience and skills.

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