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Does Gaming Glasses Work? Is Gaming Eyewear Really Worth It?

Gaming today is not only a pastime but is rising as an income stream to lots of people all over the world. Thanks to the ease of the internet and the massive accessibility to different digital platforms, gamers aren’t limited to only a country these days. But with gaming and the growth of laptops and smartphones, other constraints also require attention.

Yes, eyes are one of the most affected parts, as gamers continue to focus on their games without any break. To combat such situations, gaming glasses have become another key tool in the gaming world. But the question arises, does gaming glasses work?

Let’s check out all the details relating to the gaming glasses so that you can understand all the salient points and make a decision whether you should invest or not. At first, learn what the gaming glasses are? Then scroll down to go through the rest of this 360 guide to gaming glasses.

What are Gaming Glasses?

The name itself tells that the gaming glasses are for hardcore gamers, both online and offline. Just like sunglasses help to protect our eyes from the UV rays, these glasses act as a protective shield to the eyes of the gamers. The primary objectives of these glasses are listed below.

  • Gaming glasses help in reducing the blue light strain. All the devices like smartphones, computers, and laptops emit blue radiation, and as gamers spend a lot of time on all these devices, gaming glasses have become a necessity to protect them from this harmful light emission.
  • In fact, these glasses help the gamers to improve clarity and visualize the colors more vividly by providing a kind of lighter hue.
  • Moreover, gaming glasses can also be beneficial if you are playing a fast-paced game, enhancing the gaming definition altogether. Therefore, to reduce the blue light effect or any kind of a blur, you need to buy such glasses, thinking of the protection of your eyes in the long term.

How Gaming Glasses Prevent Blue Light?

Gaming glasses protect the eyes’ retina from the blue light emissions. But still, the question remains on their working methodology. Here you can find out all the details regarding their functioning.

Blue light is of a short and a higher energy light wavelength and can penetrate through your retinas. Long exposure to blue light not only affects your eyes but also messes up with your sleep routine. Gamers or anyone spending prolonged hours in front of their mobiles or desktop are prone to have an irregular sleep schedule, thus resulting in many other health problems.

Our eyes aren’t sufficient enough to filter blue light radiations, and therefore, continuous exposure can cause macular degeneration and damage to your retina. That’s where gaming glasses step in. These glasses use filters to absorb and block the blue radiations coming from all these devices. The blockage helps to reduce the strain on your eyes and ensures the proper health of your eyes, along with keeping your sleep schedule unaffected.

Different brands use different technologies and methods, but their objective remains the same in the end. You can use these products even with comparatively less exposure to blue light. Try to make it a habit of wearing a pair of gaming glasses to take care of your delicate organs, i.e., eyes.

Does Gaming Glasses Really Work or Just A Gimmick?

‘Does gaming glasses really work?’, you may be asking yourself the same question, which is probably preventing you from buying one. So, let me clear the doubt. The answer is affirmative, even though many believe that gamers don’t need these glasses. Several doctors and a few experts claim that timely breaks in between your games, a correct position, and some exercises may be sufficient for maintaining the proper health of your eyes.

While, these methods are good for your eyes, its implication and practicality can tell a slightly different story. Most of the time, gamers can’t take any break in between their games. So, they encounter the obvious situations- affected sleep schedule and other eye or health issues like a migraine.

The problem grows more if you already have an eye problem. On the glasses’ side, the gaming glasses are sufficient enough to block the blue light, with a proper balance of color, clarity, and brightness. Therefore, it is definitely NOT a gimmick.

So you may not consider buying glasses in the beginning, but if you are a pro and totally into gaming, you should consider buying one as these are going to help you in the long run and act as excellent protection. Choose one, keeping in mind all the necessary details.

Benefits of Gaming Glasses

You can suffer from eye problems because of numerous reasons. Blue light is indeed one of the main reasons here, given the time that gamers and all the new-age individuals love to spend on their phones and laptops. The whole dynamics of the world have changed, and so has our way of living, working, and communicating.

Therefore, it is needless to say how crucial these glasses are in today’s technologically advanced world. So let’s look at the benefits of these awesome products.

  1. Different brands like Gunnar offer amber color on the specs’ lenses, thus enhancing the brightness, leading to a decreased glare. This helps in comforting your eyes when you are constantly focusing on the game.
  2. There can be other types of lenses that come with UV light protection. So the glasses, as a whole, will provide you with fool-proof protection.
  3. In most cases, gaming glasses go for anti-glare or a kind of anti-reflective coating on the lenses to reduce any kind of visual distractions.
  4. There are even certain brands with their models providing wrap-around frames to protect against the bright light sources and to avoid any kind of dryness or irritation in the eyes.

Hence, the gaming glasses provide more of a complete package that ticks on all the points necessary for your eyes’ protection.

Best Gaming Glasses

There are several gaming glasses right now in the market. The rise of gaming and the general dependence of people on the digital medium are both responsible for such growth in gaming glasses’ user base. Undoubtedly, gaming glasses and blue light glasses have now become a necessity in today’s market.

A pair of high-end gaming glasses will help in balancing the light while filtering out the blue light from your devices’ screens. There are different kinds of lenses, which different brands use for providing comfort to your eyes.

Amber tint lenses, Crystalline lenses, and Liquet lenses are the three of the most suitable and high-quality lenses for this purpose.

Amber tint lenses are perfect for all the gamers and anyone who spends a lot of time on their devices. It filters around 65 percent of the harmful, high-intensity blue light, providing a balance of contrast and brightness. Liquet lenses filter around 35 percent of the blue light, while the Crystalline lenses provide 10 percent protection.

So, before you invest money in any product, you need to calculate the time you spend in front of your laptop, desktop, or phone. Always try to go for full-coverage glasses to ensure maximum protection to your eyes.

How to Buy a Good Pair of Gaming Glasses?

Does gaming glasses work? You must have got the answer by now. So, another important question remains- how you can buy a good pair of gaming glasses.

Well, you must have come across blue light blocking glasses. So what do you think, what is the difference between the former one and the gaming glasses? The answer is, a gaming glass is specifically designed for gamers. So let’s see how to choose these glasses.

Ergonomic Design

This is a key point you need to keep in mind while choosing the best gaming glasses for yourself. The gaming glasses try to provide an ergonomic design, which ensures much more comfort than other normal blue light blocking glasses. These glasses’ brands take into consideration different tournaments that the gamers play and design glasses in a way that gives the feel of no-glasses at all. Gaming glasses come with a silicone pad for the nose that you can adjust easily.

Field of Vision

Field of vision is another important aspect that you need to keep in mind. Gaming glasses need a wider field than normal computer glasses. Gamers need to have a wide look at the game at all the serious moments. This can be possible with the help of panoramic lenses. Frames can vary, even though most of the gamers prefer thinner frames for comfort and to avoid any distractions. So remember these points while going for the glasses.

Headset Compatibility

Gamer glasses are indeed built in consideration of the needs of the gamers. Most of the time, gamers wear over-ear headphones while gaming. Brands must make these glasses so as to provide comfort to the gamers. The glasses must be compatible with the headphones; else, all the users are going to suffer.

Therefore, this is again another point that differentiates normal computer glasses from gaming glasses. Many renowned companies providing other gaming products also try to launch gaming glasses because of their understanding of the entire gaming process.

Design Preference

Last but not least is the design preference option. Most of the other individuals who spend time on their computers are professionals and thus need a more professional look in their glasses. Gamers, on the other hand, need a more relaxed and unique look for their gaming sessions. Thus inevitably, there is kind of a difference in the designs of the glasses. Most of the gamers want more colorful and funky products with a touch of the trending styles, while the professionals or other people go for a simpler look.

Is Gaming Eyewear Worth It?

Let’s answer this question by asking another question, i.e., does gaming glasses work? By now, you already know that the answer is yes. So you should have guessed the answer to the other question as well, right?

Yes, gaming eyewear is kind of worth your money. You can require some time to adjust to the new product. But after a few weeks, you can realize the essence of the products.

Gaming glasses not only relieve short term problems by helping in a sound sleep but also take care of your eyes. You may have to spent bucks on the glasses, but keeping its usage in mind, a pair of gaming glasses is WORTH every single penny.



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