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How to Stop Playing Fortnite?

Are you going through a difficult time with your kids’ Fortnite addiction? ‘Wondering how to stop playing Fortnite?’ Well, going through this article is going to help you for sure!

With almost 125 million users around the world, Fortnite is by far the most popular game of this decade. The game doesn’t cost a single penny as far as downloading, and playing is concerned. But several skins and costumes are available there that one can buy. And the astonishing fact is that Fortnite has already earned $1 billion only from the in-game purchases that the users have made. Besides all these facts, the game is quite intriguing for kids and even for adults. Once you start playing, it can be addictive to some extent. If you are tired of your kid playing the game all day, or it’s you who is facing issues to stop playing Fortnite, you have got into the right place. Here we have prepared a guide with dos and don’ts on how to stop playing Fortnite?

Why is Fortnite so Popular?

If you already find the game addictive for yourself, you may have the answer in your head. But if you haven’t yet played Fortnite, then it’s just obvious that you have the question- why on earth Fortnite is so popular?

Well, the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is what people like the most. Here you get to fight 99 other players where the goal is to beat everyone and stand as the last gamer. As human psychology suggests, this is something that always makes you feel like playing more. Because whenever you come close to winning the game, you find yourself in interesting situations and just want to play more.

Fortnite offers a combination of gameplay of famous games like Pokemon Go, Call of Duty, and Minecraft. Hence attracts the gamers who love to play all these games.

Not only that, but the game contains daily challenges that make you come back every day. Plus, the added advantage is that Fortnite is available across all the gaming platforms like PS4, Nintendo, Xbox, PCs, and lastly, you can play on your mobile devices as well.

How to Stop Playing Fortnite? 10 Tips You Must Know About

From kids stealing money to adults losing jobs, game addiction has been a matter of concern for many across the world. If playing Fortnite has become an addiction for you or your kid, it’s high time you make a change. Here we have shared ten tips to stop playing Fortnite.

Uninstall Fortnite

The first step towards getting over something that one does regularly is to take a pause. Therefore, you must uninstall the game from all the devices in the very first place. As different research shows, overexposure to video games can have adverse effects on the human body. So, if it’s been a practice for days and has come to the point of addiction, then it’s time to take things seriously.

Stop yourself from playing Fortnite for 90 days at least. Because it’s the minimum time that your body needs to recover from the jeopardy, it is into. There are certain structural changes that have happened to you because of overplaying, and it will take 90 days to reset.

Don’t Play in Loops

If you think it’s difficult to stop yourself, then dedicate an exact time slot of an hour or so. Once you adjust yourself to that schedule, try to skip playing frequently. This may ensure the loss of interest in the game. Apart from that, ensure that whenever you are playing, once you lose a battle and a particular session ends, you don’t restart it all over again. This will help you to avoid addiction.

Find a Replacement Hobby

If you are an adult, you have to understand that it’s you and you only who can take charge of your own life. Think about when you didn’t know how to play Fortnite; what is that one activity you used to enjoy? Pursuing that can make you feel good. You can do something constructive at the time, like learning an instrument or a new language. If nothing else, you must spend some more time reading books or trying different things like cooking or gardening.

If it’s your child who is facing the problem, then you can encourage him to find his hobbies. A small gift encouraging some other activities might help.

Improve Communication

Demeaning people for their addiction does make things worse. So, if you have a kid at our home who shows signs of Fortnite addiction, it shouldn’t be like- whenever he is around, you will keep talking about that.

Saying the same thing over and over can make a person irritable. So, what you can do is have a conversation on some other topics. Try to show empathy. Alongside that, try to make him feel that you are much interested in his life. You can ask him about the day, talk about his friends. Or, read a book for him. So, there is a lot of stuff indeed that you can do together and make your kid feel the good vibe.

Don’t Say Something That Your Kid Can’t Relate

If you ask kids, ‘why do they like to play Fortnite so much?’ Many of them will answer that they enjoy spending time with their friends while playing. With almost all the kids playing video games these days, most of the friends your kid has are in its virtual life.

It’s not like virtual friends are not real friends. So, ensure that you don’t say something like this. Saying this to your kid will agitate him and can raise an argument that you may not find comfortable.

In Spite of saying something on that topic, you can encourage your kid to make friends. Indulge him in a conversation in which you can ask him about his school friends. You can take him out to the nearest park where he can meet and interact with other kids.

Spend More Time with Family

Often as parents, people make the mistake of bribing children with video games to complete their personal work. Firstly, never do that kind of stuff. Or, even if you have already done that and now feel like repenting, let us tell you something. As wise people say, ‘it’s better late than never’ – start spending quality time with your family. You can try to have dinner together, plan a weekend with your kid. Or, you can even have a video gaming session also. In fact, play Fortnite with your kid. After all, video gaming is not bad at all.

Just like all the other things in life, overplaying is what causes the problem. So, playing with your kid actually makes him feel that you are by his side. Once he realizes there is, of course, a better chance that you can have a conversation and make your kid understand your point.

Even if it’s not about the kids, you are an individual who is trying to get over the Fortnite addiction, spending time with your friends and family will be a real help.

Seek Professional Help

If none of these work, then you have to seek professional help. Try to talk to your therapist about the problem, and he might be able to help you. If it’s about your kid, we will suggest that you don’t surprise him with a session out of nowhere. As parents, you should talk to the therapist first. Discuss things with him. Only after that talk to your child and make him understand why this is necessary. Or, whatever your therapist suggests, stick to that.

Also, several communities are there that help people with these types of issues. You can take part there and talk to other people who are struggling with similar issues.

In Conclusion,

We would like to mention that- if you are an adult thinking of how to stop playing Fortnite, then things are much easier for you. Because you have already realized that overplaying the game isn’t serving any good to your life. So, it’s easy to start from there. You can try going out and spending time with real-world friends at the time you used to play. If you want to do something exciting, you can explore the unexplored parts of the city, participate in adventure sports, and go to the theatre near you to watch a movie.

If it’s about kids, then things are slightly tougher. Because making kids understand may be a bit difficult. But if you truly follow the suggestions we have offered here, the chances are you will face lesser challenges. So, now you know how to stop playing Fortnite. Hope you liked the article. Let us know through the comment below what are the things that you are trying to stop playing Fortnite. For more tips on similar issues, keep following us.

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