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Can GTA 5 run on 4 GB RAM?

The minimum memory requirement on your computer when you are playing GTA is 4GB RAM. But does that mean it is ideal for playing the game?

GTA 5 will run on a 4 GM RAM, along with other basic system requirements – but only on minimum requirements. For a smoother gaming experience, you need a higher RAM. The game may run on 4 GB RAM, but if you play the game on minimum requirements, you will enjoy the experience.

Since its launch in 2015 as a PC game, GTA 5 has remained one of the most popular. What? You have not played it yet? Still wondering if your PC can support it? It is a natural question for aspiring gamers without a gaming computer. So, the essential question is, can GTA5 Run on 4 GB RAM?

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – Can GTA 5 Run on 4 GB RAM?

If you look at the minimum system requirements for playing GTA 5, you will see that it needs a memory of 4 GB. So, to answer your question in simple words, GTA 5 can run on a PC that is equipped with 4 GB RAM. In fact, all other GTA games can run on your PC if it has a memory of 4 GB.

That being said, there is a lot more to consider before you can be sure that your PC can support GTA V. Features to look into include CPU, Operating System, Video Card, Sound Card, and more. If your PC is equipped with these, the games in the GTA series will run on your device. The same goes for GTA 5.

One of the basic requirements for GTA 5 to run on your PC is 4GB RAM. Still, there are other requirements as well, like a 1 GB Graphics Card, 1 GB Dedicated Video Memory, Intel Core 2 Quad processor, and more. With such specs, your computer will be able to run the latest GTA game.

If we look back at the previous GTA episode, i.e., GTA 4, the minimum memory requirement to run the game was 1.5 GB, and it would run smoothly on 4 GB RAM. But GTA V is the latest version of this popular game, and we know that the more upgraded a game is, the higher the system requirements.

It is no news that high-end computers and laptops designed for the latest games are extremely expensive. Naturally, those of us who are not too crazy about gaming do not want to invest in such PCs. For our everyday tasks, a good computer with about 4 GB RAM is sufficient.

But then again, not being crazy about video games or not owning a super-expensive gaming device does not mean that you do not – or cannot – love games. After all, who can resist something like GTA 5, an open-world game that allows you to escape to a virtual world with new people – though virtual?

But Should You Play GTA on Minimum Requirements?

So, your computer is equipped with minimum system requirements, including 4 GB RAM. You have installed the game and have started playing. But what is this? You are unable to play on HD mode! The visual quality of the game is low, there is a noticeable lag, and the game just does not feel perfect!

That is because you are only playing on basic hardware. Let us understand this. Minimum system requirements represent the fundamental criteria for the game to achieve a playable state – at its lowest settings. The game will just about run on your PC, but it will be choppy and low-resolution.

To enjoy GTA 5 at a resolution of 1080P or higher, it is recommended that you play it on 8 GB RAM. It is also ideal if you play the game on Intel Core i5, 2GB NVIDIA GTX 660 Graphics Card, and 2 GB Dedicated Video RAM. That is because GTA 5 runs at 60 FPS and offers a resolution of up to 4k.

Sounds too confusing? Yeah, well, it is the same for anyone who does not understand technical jargon. But that is still not enough of a reason to get discouraged about playing GTA on your computer. Just remember that despite the minimum requirements, the game needs more to perform at its best.

So, Can Your Laptop Run GTA 5 or Not?

Honestly, even if you do not own a gaming laptop, your PC needs to be pretty high-end to run GTA 5. Otherwise, the visual quality will be poor, and there will be a delay in the frame rate. On the whole, you will not enjoy the gaming experience if you run it on4  GB RAM paired with minimum requirements.

Is your PC equipped with Windows 10/8.1 (32 Bit) or Windows 8/7 (64 Bit), Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor, 1 GB Graphics Card, DirectX 10-compatible Sound Card, and a space of 72 GB? Then you can run the game, but you have to turn on the medium setting.

However, it is advised that you play the game at the highest settings. For this, you should play it on a PC with Windows 7/8/8.1 (64 Bit), Intel Core i5 or AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor, DirectX 10-Compatible Sound Card, 2 GB Video Card, 72 GB Space, and of course, 8 GB RAM.

Granted, this is not the kind of PC we use for daily work and recreational purposes. But hey! GTA 5 is no ordinary game – and it rightly demands high-end hardware to give you the best experience. If your PC is equipped with the recommended specs, you can run GTA 5 at the highest setting.

How to Boost Your System’s Performance for GTA 5?

Want to boost the graphics quality and improve the frames per second while playing GTA 5? It is all about upgrading your computer and making certain tweaks in the settings so that it becomes smoother and gives a better visual performance. Here is how to improve these you need –

  1. a) Upgrade Drivers

You can upgrade your computer to make it ideal for playing games that have similar requirements as GTA 5 by shifting to better graphics drivers, which you can do yourself if you know your way around computers. You can also let the process be handled automatically by the AVG Driver Updater.

  1. b) Relieve your PC’s Stress.

Another thing that you can do wonders for your computer is to disable all active software running in the background for no reason. This way, the CPU is dedicated to the game you are playing, e.g., GTA 5. You can also defrag your hard disks to re-access files for easy access and faster performance.

  1. c) Perform a Benchmark Test

GTA offers a tool to check the ideal game settings to go with your PC. You can do the test before changing the settings by pressing the TAB key in the Graphics menu. Once you have recognized the perfect game setting, make the necessary tweak, and the game will be running smoothly on your PC.

  1. d) Tweak the Graphics Settings on the PC

Only a gaming beast of a PC can give you booth smooth graphics and high frame speed. Otherwise, you will have to choose between the two. So, to get the best balance, change the settings in the Graphics section, and the game will configure itself to match hardware and keep running.

  1. e) Use MSAA.

It is advised that you turn on Multisample Anti-Aliasing or MSAA as a technique to remove jaggies or image distortions, instead of using FXAA or Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing. Use MSAA at either 2x or 4x after turning off FXAA. MSAA not only has a positive impact on FPS but also smoothes edges.

  1. f) Experiment with VSync

VSync or Vertical Sync is responsible for establishing synchronization between the game’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate. If you are facing slow FPS, turning it off removes the limitations of frame rate to improve FPS. But turning it on will help if you notice that there is screen tearing.

  1. g) Empty the City.

GTA 5 offers the option to lower the number of people and cars on the streets of the virtual city. Sure, the city will look a little empty. But if you want to enjoy playing the game without any lag, take this step to see a vast improvement in FPS, especially on a computer that needs an upgrade.

  1. h) Control the Texture Quality.

If you are facing trouble with FPS, it is a good idea to reduce the texture quality of the game. This will, however, affect visual details. Increase the texture quality if you want the details in the world of GTA 5 to be perfect so that the virtual world presents a three-dimensional look with better graphics.

  1. i) Deactivate Reflection MSAA:

If you want to see a boost of about 5 FPS without significantly hampering the graphics quality, it is a good idea to deactivate the Reflection MSAA, a setting that makes reflective surfaces like new cars and water surfaces look smooth and shiny in the game. This is a good trick to help with FPS issues.

  1. j) Readjust the Resolution:

Turn down the resolution to enjoy a positive impact on the FPS – at the cost of affecting the visual quality of the game. But if you want a visual treat, play at higher resolutions so that the pixels required by your graphics card for rendering purposes will increase, though the FPS will reduce.

  1. k) Readjust High-Res Shadows.

The Advanced Graphics settings of GTA 5 allows you to change the resolution of the shadows in the game. When you reduce this one, as well as the extended shadow distance, the Video Memory use will be reduced by as much as 800 MB and increase the FPS. So, it is best to minimize these.

You see, if you are not playing on an advanced computer, you will need to optimize your computer and improve its performance of the device while playing GTA 5. Of course, it makes no sense to invest in expensive hardware upgrades for just one game. So, the other changes in settings will help.

Final Words

So, to sum it all up, you can very much run GTA 5 on 4 GB RAM, provided your PC is equipped with all the other minimum requirements. But when you do that, you will have to play at medium settings, thus compromising on the visual quality of the game and facing frame rate delay while playing.

To enjoy the best version of the game and run it smoothly, you will need to play the game on 8 GB RAM besides meeting the other recommended system requirements. That way, you will be able to play GTA V at the highest settings to roam around freely and commit heists around San Andreas.

Like any other game, GTA 5, too, can be played at the highest quality when you have a computer with recommended system requirements. That is when GTA 5 will run smoothly and offer the perfect visuals. No slowdown, no compromised graphics quality – just a stunning, thrilling game!


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